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Veneers: a real option to enhance a badly damaged smile

Posted on 12.12.2012 by perfectsmile

porcelain veneersAmong the many treatments dentistry has to offer, veneers have become a very important fix for several cosmetic problems

When professional teeth whitening isn’t enough to remove deeply stained or discoloured teeth, dentists may advise their patients to try veneers in order to enhance the colour and appearance of their smiles. Wafer-thin shells of tooth coloured materials, veneers can be made of porcelain, ceramic or a composite bonding material to give a natural yet improved look at a patient’s teeth.

Veneers are small and natural looking coverings for teeth which allow patients to perform their normal routines; to eat, drink and speak with normality as well as to carry on with their oral hygiene habits, which become essential to ensure the durability of veneers as well as a good dental health in general. In case of discoloured, misshapen, broken or chipped teeth, veneers can be the right long term solution for patients who wish to give their smile a better aesthetic appearance.

To have veneers placed, patients usually follow a simple and painless process which starts with a first visit to the dentist. The first step is always a consultation at a cosmetic dentistry clinic with a specialist cosmetic dentist who evaluates the condition of the patient’s teeth and makes sure veneers are his best option. After the first visit, if the dentist decides veneers are the right choice for this particular patient, another visit will be scheduled to carry on with the process.

On the second visit, the dentist carefully measures the patient’s teeth to find the adequate size for the veneers, which he fits around each tooth. This is a very quick process, especially if the patient decides on porcelain veneers, which are effective biocompatible, aesthetic, insoluble shells with hardness equal to that of quartz. The third visit consists in the actual placing of the veneers on the patient’s teeth. The shells are correctly positioned and properly cemented to the front of the teeth in order to prevent them from moving after the application.

A fourth visit can be scheduled with the dentist for a follow-up exam to evaluate how well teeth are adapting to veneers. Any case of sensitivity, pain or nuisance the patient may suffer should be discussed with the dentist at this point to make sure he’s following the right oral hygiene standards and avoiding harmful habits such as teeth grinding.

Usually compared to false fingernails, veneers can mean a great improvement for those patients who have damaged teeth, either if they are just a little chipped or if they are badly stained, broken, crooked or gapped.

Because a beautiful smile affects to the aesthetics but also to everyday life, veneers may just be the right option

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