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What are the most important dental health problems and its solutions?

Posted on 04.12.2012 by perfectsmile

What are the most important dental health problems and its solutions?Noxious agents attack oral health on a daily basis while sometimes maintaining a good oral hygiene is not enough to stop them

Regardless of the state of cleanliness of a person’s mouth, there are other causes that may have negative effects on dental health. Medical conditions, lifestyle habits or certain drugs can have harmful consequences for teeth, gums and soft tissues leading severe risks to health.

In general dentistry, there are six main identifiable problems, all of which are treatable thanks to medical advances and modern procedures:

Stains on teeth. Though it might seem a small problem, stains on teeth can be a sign of more severe infections, so it’s important to pay attention to changes on dental coloration. To prevent teeth from losing its natural clearness and recover it teeth whitening procedures are available to patients.

Misalignment and malocclusions. These are two of the most common dental problems nowadays, suffered for both adults and children. In order to correct them, straightening of teeth is needed: metal or ceramic brackets, dental braces behind teeth and Invisalign braces are the appropriate treatments to realign teeth, thus preventing more severe dental problems to develop and threat the patient’s dental wellness.

Tooth loss. Aging, decay or accidents are the main causes of tooth loss, a common yet severe problem for people’s health. Gaps between teeth can cause bad speech, dental erosion, weak or uncomfortable bite, ill function and force distribution, as well as misalignment and malocclusion of teeth. In order to prevent major problems to affect patients, dentistry provides bridge work and dental implants. But, how long do they last? While bridgework is a good, cost-effective solution, dental implants represent a much more permanent treatment.

Root canal infections. Inflammation and death of tooth nerve and pulp can lead to severe conditions endangering dental and general health. Toothache and swelling are its main symptoms, but it also can produce prolonged sensitivity, pimple on the gums or darkening of the tooth. Be there evident signs or not, regular visits to the dentist should ensure a good condition of root canals, proceeding to a root canal treatment if necessary.

Gum disease. This can be a consequence of both the previous and the next dental problems. Gum disease is a severe condition which not only affects normal functioning and comfort, speech and lifestyle but also can make impossible for patients to get other treatments they might need.

Tooth decay. Common as it is, decay represents one of the main dental problems, usually causingthe majority of the precedent conditions of this list. A poor dental hygiene, aging, bad eating behaviours or the use of certain oral medication can contribute to and increase decay. Its solution, though, consists only in thorough oral cleaning habits and regular visits to the hygienist.

While many agents can noxiously affect health through dental problems, oral hygiene and regular dentist check-ups still stand as the best prevention measures

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