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What are we talking about when we talk about cosmetic dentistry?

Posted on 10.12.2012 by perfectsmile

Cosmetic DentistryAs a good first impression is essential nowadays, cosmetic dentistry is not only about appearance, but also about dental health

Regular check-ups with the dentist and the hygienist, as well as brushing and flossing after every meal help maintaining a good oral health and an optimal condition of teeth. However, factors such as age, the intake of certain foods and drinks, habits like smoking or grinding the teeth, or the simple fact of chewing can lead to erosion, misalignment or looseness of teeth over time.

All these problems can be treated by general dentistry, which provides a wide range of solutions to the majority of the conditions resulting from decay, periodontitis, misalignment or tooth loss. Nonetheless, cosmetic dentistry becomes also a good choice to solve many of these problems, as it offers an all-inclusive dental care which covers from veneers and crowns to whitening procedures, implants and bridges, among other. Because health hasn’t to do only with the condition of teeth but also with the patient’s state of mind and self-confidence, cosmetic dentistry offers a way to enhance the appearance, restoring the teeth’s previous shape and colour or preventing further unwanted effects on the general looks of a patient.

Misalignment and malocclusion are a common yet serious condition which affects both children and adults, and that cosmetic dentistry covers with a number of solutions. The cosmetic dental clinic usually offers its patients an orthodontic treatment according to their age and needs, from orthodontic braces to invisalign trays. Realigning teeth and placing every tooth into its right position not only helps with general oral hygiene and prevention against decay, but also ensures a better function and comfort with a proper bite, an improved force distribution and wear patterns on teeth, and a better long term health of the patient’s gums.

Tooth loss due to decay or impact hazards all these benefits of well aligned teeth, in addition to representing a higher risk of inflammation of the gums and drastic effects to the appearance. The chewing action helps keeping the jawbone strong and prevents its atrophy. With one or several teeth lost, the jawbone starts to disappear, which causes premature ageing and an unpleasant sunken look. Cosmetic dental surgery offers a wide range of solutions to that too: from a full smile makeover to cosmetic dental implants or the application of crowns and veneers, cosmetic dentistry can help a patient recovering and improving his original appearance, along with an optimal function of his teeth.

In addition to all this, stained teeth problems and unpleasant black or silver fillings can be also treated by cosmetic dentistry thanks to the most advanced teeth whitening procedures, and to cosmetic fillings, veneers, lumineers and crowns able to match the exact shade, translucency and texture of every patient’s teeth.

Using cutting edge technology, cosmetic dentistry is able today to cover all the needs of a patient regarding dental care

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