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What Your Mouth Can Tell You About Your General Health

Posted on 11.10.2012 by perfectsmile

What Your Mouth Can Tell You About Your General HealthPaying regular visits to your dental clinic of choice is absolutely imperative if you want your teeth to stay in excellent condition. Not only can your dentist spot problems before they become established, but they can also offer a range of cosmetic treatments designed to give you the smile you’ve always wanted. Not only that, but a vigilant dentist will be able to spot the first signs of other illnesses when examining your mouth.

Very few people can claim to be perfectly happy with the state of their smile, but the good news is that a modern cosmetic dentist will be able to offer solutions to whatever problems you may have. Feeling unsure about or unhappy with the appearance of your teeth can have a drastic effect upon your overall levels of confidence, and accessing the right type of cosmetic teeth surgery can completely transform the degree of confidence you feel when interacting with people. The whole range of treatments, from veneers and teeth whitening all the way to actual replacement teeth, will be on offer, and your dentist will combine them to form a total makeover plan for your smile.

Over and above any cosmetic considerations, however, dental experts in London are highly trained medical practitioners able to spot the manifestation of health problems in the symptoms presented by your mouth, and advise as to what treatment you should be seeking. At its most basic level, this can mean spotting the tell-tale signs of things such as bad diet, a dangerous smoking habit, too much alcohol intake or even drug use. There are also, however, specific problems or complaints which first manifest themselves via disruption to the condition of your teeth, gums or tongue and your dentist and oral hygienist will be keeping a close look out for all of these.

As well as examining your teeth and gums, for example, your dentist will note the condition and colour of your tongue. If your tongue is too pale in colour, a sickly grey shade rather than a healthy pink, then this could be indicative of low iron levels in your system. Maintaining the right iron levels is a key part of keeping your body’s defences against illness in good order, and is, to a large degree, a question of diet. It’s vital to make sure that you eat plenty of foodstuffs high in iron itself, such as green leafy vegetables, and Vitamin C, which helps the body to absorb iron. If your dentist suspects that you are low in iron they will tell you to arrange a simple blood test at the earliest convenience.

Another thing which your dentist will take note of is the condition of your saliva. Saliva plays a vital part in maintaining the hygiene of your mouth and reducing plaque levels. If your saliva is too thick and viscose this may indicate that you are suffering from dry mouth, a condition which will lead to a higher risk of tooth decay, infections and gum disease. Dry mouth is frequently a side effect of medication taken for other conditions, and your dentist will recommend treating it by taking steps such as chewing sugar free gum and drinking plenty of water.

One of the problems most frequently spotted by dentists is sore and inflamed gums, indicative of the presence of gum disease. Not only is this a threat to the long term health of your teeth, but it can also be indicative of more serious problems such as diabetes.

Your dentist shouldn’t be viewed as someone separate from your doctor or other medical practitioners. Having your mouth examined regularly can play a vital part in maintaining your overall health, as it means you can spot and deal with problems at the earliest possible opportunity.

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