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What’s Good For Your Teeth Is Good For The Rest Of You

Posted on 15.10.2012 by perfectsmile

What’s Good For Your Teeth Is Good For The Rest Of YouMaintaining good dental health is something which parents try to instil in their children from an early age, and which adults then try to carry forward through their life. Whilst regular visits to a dentist play a vital part in this process, it’s also important to do your own bit by sticking to the right food and drink, with the added bonus being that the foods which are good for your teeth also tend to promote all round health and fitness.

When you visit a dentist in Richmond, or anywhere else in the UK, the chances are that you’ll initially do so with specific problems in mind. It may be that your teeth are crooked, overlapping or overcrowded, in which case your orthodontist might recommend the fitting of orthodontics braces or Invisalign, with the aim of shifting your teeth into the correct position over a period of time. On the other hand, you may be generally happy with the state of your teeth, but feel that they aren’t as white as they used to be. This could be down to smoking, diet or simple genetics, but, whatever the cause, your dentist will know which is the best teeth whitener to use.

Over and above specific concerns such as those detailed above, visiting your dentist regularly will enable you to keep on top of the state of your teeth, avoiding things such as excessive plaque build-up or the onset of decay. A large part of the preventative side of dental health is based upon eating a diet which will strengthen your teeth in the first place, and lessen the chances of decay or damage moving forward. Your dentist will be only too happy to offer advice on both these counts, and the really good news is that the foodstuffs which will keep your teeth healthy and strong are also those which will do the same for the rest of your body.

The most basic and useful dietary step you can take for your teeth is to eat a diet which is high in calcium. The idea that drinking milk gives you strong teeth and bones sounds like something of an old wives tale but it in fact has a firm basis in nutritional science. If your diet is low in calcium – sourced from foodstuffs such as dairy products, some fish, and vegetables like kale and broccoli – then your body will use up that which is present in your teeth and jawbone, greatly increasing the risk of loose teeth and gum disease. Of course, whilst protecting your teeth, you’ll also be making your bones stronger, something which is particularly valuable as you grow older.

Another healthy foodstuff consists of crunchy fruit and vegetables such as apples, celery and carrots. Not only are these rich in vitamins and nutrients, but the texture of such foods acts to ‘scrub’ the teeth while they are being eaten.

When it comes to maintaining healthy gums, one of the best steps you can take is to lift the levels of Vitamin C which you ingest, and this is present in fruit such as oranges and grapefruit. Whilst the acid in such fruit can be damaging to the enamel of your teeth, rinsing the mouth after eating should help to deal with this problem, whilst the Vitamin itself will go a long way toward warding off gum disease.

You’ve doubtless heard the advice which states that drinking sufficient amounts of water per day will promote good health through hydration, but it should be noted that the same water, whilst working all around the body, will help to rinse damaging substances out of the mouth and promote the production of the body’s ‘natural mouthwash’, saliva.

By eating a healthy diet rich in the right foodstuffs, and avoiding, where possible, those high in sugar or corrosive acids, you’ll not only be helping your teeth to stay healthy and aesthetically pleasing, you’ll be boosting your overall levels of health and well-being.

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