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Whats your smile style?

Posted on 21.10.2013 by perfectsmile

What’s your smile style?  Of all the millions of smiles that happen across the world each and every day, all of them follow just three basic smile patterns – an amazing fact which most cosmetic dentists take for granted, using it for their work each day. The three different smile patterns show different areas of the mouth, which means they can help to determine the best way of enhancing a smile. As well as helping cosmetic dentists, the patterns are also useful for orthodontists (who specialise in tooth straightening) and specialists who are dealing with traumatic tooth fractures and complicated oral facial surgery. The most common type of smile is known as the ‘commissure’ smile, where the corners of the mouth go up and out, and the upper lip draws back to show the upper teeth. Famous personalities with this type of smile include Jennifer Aniston, Frank Sinatra, Jamie Lee Curtis and Audrey Hepburn. Elvis probably has the best known ‘cuspid’ type of smile, which is found in just under one third of the population. If you look at his smile, together with those of Tom Cruise, Drew Barrymore and Tiger Woods, you will see that the corners of their mouths do not rise much, and are usually lower than the centre of the top lip. The remainder of the population share their smile type with Julia Roberts and Marilyn Monroe. They have a ‘complex’ smile, which is characterised by the way in which, when they smile fully, the lips are almost parallel to each other, and all the teeth are shown. So – which one are you? Whichever you are, if you’re not completely happy with your smile, we will be happy to suggest ways in which it could be enhanced, and in most cases those enhancements can be surprisingly affordable! So why not call us on: 020 8879 1451 to book your consultation with one of our experienced dentists today.

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