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When To Utilise Blade Implants

Posted on 09.09.2013 by perfectsmile

Dental Implants London Clinics, Missing Teeth Implant, Replacement ToothEven if the damage in question is only minimal, the fear that people will be staring at it each and every time you open your mouth will be enough to make you feel stressed and self-conscious.

Wanting your teeth to look good isn’t merely a question of being vain or obsessed with the way you look. It’s a blunt fact of life that the majority of people you meet on a daily basis are going to make a snap judgement of you within minutes, if not seconds, of meeting. Whilst it may seem unfair, a large part of this judgement will be based upon the way you look, and one of the first features of your appearance to catch other peoples eye will be the state of your teeth. An even, straight, clean looking smile will instantly project a capable persona, creating the impression of someone who looks after themselves at the most basic level and is likely to be competent, well balanced and clean. Even if you don’t spend a great deal of time thinking about the state of your teeth (presumably because you’re happy with the way they look) you’ll know full well that being relaxed about the smile you’re flashing will enable you to interact with people in a broad range of social and professional situations.

Sometimes, however, just a single tooth can let you down in a way which stops you simply relaxing when you’re dealing with other people. The good news, though, is that a modern dental clinic will be able to offer treatment for a tooth like this which can completely transform the way it looks, or even replace it altogether. If the tooth is too badly damaged to be treated, then your dentist will remove it and replace it with an implant. An implant is a treatment which takes the form of a metal pin attached to the jaw bone in place of the root, with a ceramic crown then being attached to the pin. Over time, the pin, which is made of titanium, will grow to become an organic part of the jawbone, meaning that the implant is tough and extremely hard wearing. The crown, meanwhile, will have been custom made on the basis of casts taken from the patient’s mouth, so that in size shape and colour it is an exact, lifelike replica of the tooth it is replacing.

In most cases, the implant will take the form of a small screw, but occasionally patients will present with a jaw bone which is too weak or thin to safely support such a screw. When this is the case, your dentist may offer to use blade dental implants instead. The part of the implant attached to the bone of the jaw in this case is a thin strip of titanium which the dentist will push into a split in the jaw bone. Over a period of months, the bone will grow around the blade, moving through slots in the body to grip more firmly. Two small mountings protrude through the gums and it is to these that the pin holding the ceramic crown will be attached.

The cases which call for the use of blade implants are often those when a person has one or more teeth missing at the back of their mouth. The forces imposed upon teeth in those situations are often greater than elsewhere in the mouth, and the bone, particularly if the teeth have been missing for a while, may have degraded. Once in place, the blade implants can be used to support either a crown in the form of an individual tooth or a bridge which replaces several teeth at once. If you’re worried about the appearance or integrity of some of your teeth and wish to access treatment which will replace them in a manner which is natural, convenient and permanent, then attend your clinic and ask about the fitting of dental implants by the NHS.

Having a smile which you can be proud of will give you the confidence to express yourself in all different areas of your life. The confidence you can have in the condition of your teeth will allow you to simply forget all about them and get on with the enjoyable business of liaising in a relaxed manner with the people you meet every day.

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