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You May Have Bad Breath Without Realising It

Posted on 04.12.2013 by perfectsmile

Finding a dentist who works at the leading edge of the field, making use of the latest technological innovations and keeping on top of the most up to date research, means that you’ll be getting the best oral care possible. This guarantees access to vitally important advice as well as the option of undergoing cosmetic dentistry aimed at completely transforming the appearance of your smile. Most of all it means that dental problems and solutions are, in the first place, quickly identified and then, having been identified, easily solved. One problem which affects large numbers of people is that of halitosis, or bad breath. Some estimates claim that between twenty five and fifty per cent of the population are suffering from bad breath at any time and in some cases the condition can become chronic, thus having a major impact on the quality of life of the person afflicted. The embarrassing nature of bad breath means that the people around you may be reluctant to tell you that you’re exhibiting symptoms, and regular dental check-ups are often the surest means of having the condition diagnosed. Treatment For Bad BreathThere are several causes of bad breath, some internal, some external, and working with your dentist you should be able to pinpoint precisely what is causing the problem in your case and therefore what can be done to treat it. The external factors which can lead to halitosis can be as simple as eating strongly spiced foods which give off an unpleasant aroma, particularly when they start to break down. Foods which can have this effect include garlic, onions and some strong spices, although bad breath can also be caused by smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. If you’re worried that some part of your diet may be causing bad breath then the wisest thing to do is jot down exactly what you eat as you eat it – that way any link between attacks of halitosis and certain food will become easily apparent. In some cases, however, the causes of bad breath are actually internal, meaning that the unpleasant odour is being created by the presence of certain bacteria in the mouth of the patient. The bacteria attach themselves to the surface of the tongue and produce what are known as volatile sulfur compounds, most commonly hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan, and it is these compounds which cause the unpleasant odour. There are other factors which can lead to halitosis developing, and these include the following:

  • Poor dental hygiene leading to conditions such as gingivitis.
  • Dry mouth caused by low amounts of saliva.
  • Plaque and food particles clinging to dentures.
  • Certain infections in the ear, nose and throat areas.

Diseases such as diabetes, gastro intestinal conditions, abscesses, lung infections and liver/kidney failure. If you’re concerned that you might be suffering from bad breath the first thing to do is book an appointment with your dentist. That way you’ll get a totally honest evaluation of your breath and a professional verdict as to why halitosis may be occurring. If necessary, they’ll recommend the correct course of treatment, although solving the problem may actually be as simple as instigating a strict cleaning regime, including flossing between the teeth and using a tongue brush or scraper to remove bacteria. As can be seen from the list of possible causes, bad breath is sometimes an indication of more deep seated issues, and this is just one way in which good dental health goes hand in hand with excellent overall health.

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