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About Perfect Smile

Give Your Mum a Perfect Smile on Mother’s Day

Posted on 10.03.2015 by perfectsmile

March 15th is a special date in the UK this year because it marks the day upon which Mothering Sunday (usually known as Mother’s Day) falls, and, as such, is the day upon which children of all ages get to repay just a little bit of the debt which they owe to their mother. Celebrating this special day is a way of saying thanks for everything that your mum has done for you over the years, and helping her to transform her smile would represent a gift that vastly improves her life in a dramatic and permanent manner.

Selecting the Perfect Dental Practice for You

Posted on 10.02.2015 by perfectsmile

Your health is, quite literally, the most important thing in your life and the lives of your family members. Without good health, nothing else really matters, and that’s why it’s so important that you take the time and trouble to select the medical practitioners who are just right for you. This is just as true when dealing with dental matters as it is with any other medical issue. Looking after your teeth isn’t just a question of worrying too much about how you look, since a healthy smile will allow you to fully engage with other people in a relaxed and confident manner, assured of a the good impression you’re creating. Besides this consideration is the fact that healthy teeth and a healthy mouth are key indicators of all round general good health, since problems such as gum disease and excess plaque have been linked to conditions such as heart disease and arthritis, whilst a dentists is also almost bound to be the first person to spot serious problems such as oral cancer. Good general health often lies in building a strong long term relationship with your dentist, and making just the right choice in the first place will mean this is far more achievable.

Tell a Friend about Perfect Smile Membership Plans – Special Referral Offer

Posted on 10.01.2015 by perfectsmile

Your smile is more than just something pleasing to look at, it is vitally important. Strong, white, healthy teeth will allow you to feel confident in absolutely any social or work based situation, leaving you feeling relaxed enough to fully express your personality and allow others to do the same. What’s more, healthy teeth are likely to mean a healthy person in general, with dentists able to spot the first signs of a multitude of different problems. That’s why the dental membership plans offered by Perfect Smile dental clinics are so important, since they formalise your relationship with the clinic, allow you to pay your bills on a monthly basis, and offer guaranteed levels of prevention, maintenance and treatment. In short, they are the first step to take if you wish to get a perfect smile.

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Take Advantage of Perfect Smile’s New Online Booking System

Posted on 01.01.2015 by perfectsmile

Despite all of the medical advances in treatment and technology which have been made in recent years, many patients find that the hardest part of getting the treatment they need is actually managing to book an appointment to see their doctor. The first difficulty lies in the fact that most people have to work many hours per week to keep their heads above water, and find it extremely difficult to find the time to see a doctor, let alone a time which is convenient. On top of this there is the fact that the very best doctors are likely to be in high demand, and the only opportunity to see them will be some time in the future, together with the experience that many people have of dealing with operators who book appointments. All too often, these operators seem to approach the situation as if it is there job to ‘protect’ the doctor from patients and preserve his or her time, rather than facilitate the patient and their needs.

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Perfect Smile Dental Associations – Trust Factors

Posted on 27.12.2014 by perfectsmile

When you visit a dental clinic, you place a great deal of trust in the competence and professionalism of the people who are treating you. Whilst the vast majority of dental clinicians are experienced professionals striving to do their best for their patients, there are always going to be one or two who will let the side down. When mistakes get made during dental treatment the ramifications can be severe – days, weeks or even months of pain, permanent disfigurement and the expense of seeking more treatment to correct the mistakes. This is what you want to avoid, of course, and if you’ve been visiting a clinic for several years then the chances are that you’ve established a relationship of trust and faith in the abilities of the people treating you. If you’re looking for a new clinic, however, and aren’t able to make use of word of mouth recommendations, then there’s a chance you might feel unable to make a choice. One certain guide, however, is to look at the issue of association in dental practice, and note the bodies, councils and organisations which are happy to have themselves associated with the clinic. At Perfect Smile we are proud to associate ourselves with some of the most trusted and august bodies in the UK. These are organisations, such as the Care Quality Commission, which are a byword for trust, competence and the highest possible standards, and the fact that they are happy to see themselves associated with Perfect Smile is clearly indicative of the high regard in which we are held and the standard of excellence to which we hold ourselves.

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Perfect Smile Launches 8 New Clinics in Newcastle

Posted on 23.12.2014 by perfectsmile

Perfect Smile Surgery are proud to announce the launch of 8 new branches on their family tree, in the form of 8 brand new state of the art clinics to be opened in the Newcastle area. If you live in the area and would like to access dental treatment that is expertly delivered, friendly and able to boast access to the latest technology and cutting edge treatment plans then why not come along and pay us a visit. Even if you feel your teeth are currently in pretty good condition, let us cast our expert eye over them and let you know about any potential problems before they develop and become unsightly or painful. It isn’t just about seeking relief from dental problems, of course, or taking pre-emptive preventative steps, since our Newcastle clinics can offer the full range of cosmetic dentistry treatments aimed at giving our patients the perfect smile they’ve always dreamed of. Amongst the cosmetic options we can offer are treatment s such as Invisalign teeth straightening, dental implants and teeth whitening (in surgery and at home). No matter what the scale of your problem, whether you need a little tweaking or a complete revamping, we’ll be able to put together a plan to achieve the transformation you’re looking for.

Brighten Your Christmas Smile with the Right Dental Treatments

Posted on 19.12.2014 by perfectsmile

Christmas is on the way and with it your chance to socialise, make new friends, celebrate with old friends and spend a special time of the year relaxing, looking your best and having fun. Let’s not forget eating and drinking, either, since excess is part of what a modern festive celebration is all about, as you forget about the diet and counting carbs for a couple of weeks and let your dietary hair down. You might be wondering how this all relates to a trip to your nearest dental clinic, but the truth is that you can celebrate Christmas with Perfect Smile dental treatments, and take advantage of our seasonal special offers to make sure that transforming your smile doesn’t take too much out of your festive budget. Visiting us at this time of the year will have two advantages:

  • It will ensure your teeth are in the best possible condition before dealing with the annual onslaught of pudding, mince pies, nuts and mulled wine.
  • It will provide the perfect opportunity to access the cosmetic treatments on offer, treatments which will make sure you have the most dazzling smile on show at every Christmas party you attend, and will enable you to relax and enjoy yourself safe in the knowledge you’re looking your absolute best.

Problems Caused by Dental Fillings

Posted on 16.12.2014 by perfectsmile

Put simply, a dental filling is any substance which a dentist uses to fill a hole in your teeth. The hole might be the gap left behind after decay has been drilled out and removed, or it could be caused by a chip or other damage. There are two types of dental fillings – a composite filling which is white in colour and is therefore obviously more aesthetically pleasing, and the more common amalgam filling which is silver grey in colour. Although modern oral health care has shifted dramatically in the direction of prevention and cosmetic dentistry, there is still a place for the use of fillings, and for many people they are the treatment which is most likely to be offered. Depending upon the size of the filling, a composite filling will last, on average, for 8 years, while an amalgam filling can be expected to be in place for 12 years.

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A Guide to Dental Insurance

Posted on 04.11.2014 by perfectsmile

The days when dental treatment generally consisted of either removing a damaged or decayed tooth or filling it are long gone, and a modern dental surgery will be able to offer a range of treatments capable of saving and treating all but the most badly damaged teeth, but this range of treatment does come at a price, literally speaking. There’s no getting away from the fact that dental treatments can now be extremely expensive, and that’s why it pays to be prudent, cover all the options and take out dental insurance to cover any and every eventuality.

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How to Avoid Stains and Keep Your Teeth Whiter

Posted on 22.10.2014 by perfectsmile

Having a set of teeth which look clean and white is about much more than vanity. Like it or not, the appearance of your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you, and if you’re worried that your teeth are grey, yellow or otherwise discoloured, it will stop you feeling relaxed and able to express yourself when meeting people in social or professional situations. If, on the other hand, your teeth are as white as they can be, you’ll know that you’re creating the ideal first impression, and sending out the signal that you’re fit, healthy, clean and look after yourself. What’s more, the knowledge that you’re creating such an impression will allow you to feel fully relaxed and truly express yourself. The good news is that modern dentistry now offers an array of whitening treatments meaning that if your teeth are less than dazzling for whatever reason, you don’t simply have to put up with it.

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Rescue Your Smile with Full Mouth Reconstruction

Posted on 07.10.2014 by perfectsmile

On many occasions, the dental treatment you require will revolve around one simple (or not so simple) procedure; a filling, for example, or an extraction. As cosmetic dentistry becomes more popular and widespread, the treatment might be aimed at transforming the appearance of your teeth, via an implant, veneers or a whitening treatment. Sometimes, however, the problems you have are so severe, affecting multiple teeth or the mouth as a whole, that what you require is nothing less than the reconstruction of your whole mouth. This will mean working with your dentist to draw up a plan of multiple procedures which will return your mouth to a state of full health, and also leave you with a smile that looks amazing.

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Make the Most of Your Smile

Posted on 30.08.2014 by perfectsmile

If your smile doesn’t look as good as you’d like it to, then it can have a devastating effect upon your overall confidence. After all, a bright, friendly smile is like a calling card and an invitation for others to speak and relate to you, and the thought that your smile is going to let you down can be ruinous to your confidence levels. Not being able to smile, laugh and talk freely means not being able to relax, and if you can relax then other people won’t be able to relax around you, a problem in social and professional situations.

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