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What are Crowns?

crown1crown2A crown is a method of restoring a tooth which involves the cementing of a ‘cap’ over the existing tooth. In that way, the whole of the visible portion of the tooth is covered and restored with something which is manufactured to be an exact replica of the tooth as it was before the damage took place. Although the vast majority of crowns are porcelain or ceramic in makeup, thus identically mimicking a natural tooth, it is possible to have crowns made out of metal such as gold, or from a combination of metal and porcelain. For an all natural, lifelike look, the best option is to go for an all porcelain or ceramic crown.

Why You Might Need Crowns?

Damaged, unsightly or unhealthy teeth are not something which you should just be expected to put up with. Perfect Smile clinics offer the full range of treatments designed to restore your smile to the condition you should reasonably expect and Crowns are an excellent option in many cases. If the tooth has decayed to a degree where it will not support a filling or a large piece of the tooth has been chipped and fractured away from the rest then it may be impossible to build it up to its previous state using traditional techniques such as fillings. In such cases as this Crowns are the perfect treatment and they can also be used to restore a tooth which has been repaired due to a large cavity, or to strengthen a tooth which has been subject to root canal treatment.

No matter why your tooth needs repairing, be it decay, damage, wear and tear through grinding or general discolouration, a Crown will turn it back into the perfect tooth you need for a perfect smile.

How They Work?

The principle behind dental crowns is actually extremely simple. After your dentist has taken an impression of the tooth in question, a dental laboratory will construct a crown which is a perfect match, in terms of size, shape and shade, with the rest of your teeth. This crown will then be cemented into place over your existing tooth.

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