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Dental Surgery Terms Beginning With 'I'

Immediate denture
A complete or partial denture made in advance and positioned when the natural teeth are removed.

Impacted tooth
A tooth that is totally or partially below the gum line and is not able to erupt properly. It can push other teeth together or damage the bony structures supporting the adjacent tooth, making it necessary to be surgically removed. Third molars or wisdom teeth are the most commonly impacted teeth.

A metal device, usually made of titanium, which is surgically placed into the jawbone to permanently replace a missing tooth. It serves as the tooth’s root and anchor for the crown, bridge or denture that is placed over it.

A mould made of the teeth and soft tissues.

Incision and drainage
The surgical opening of an abscess to drain pus.

The four upper and four lower front teeth (excluding the canines) primarily used for biting and cutting.

A procedure similar to filling which works entirely within the cusps on the chewing surface of teeth.

A space in between two adjacent teeth.