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Face and Lip Treatments

lip perfectsmileAt Perfect Smile we don’t just deal with teeth. We realise that a dazzling smile is only one part of the full package and that’s why we offer a range of facial treatments designed to give you a newer, fresher, younger look. Our face and lips treatments are non invasive, non surgical, quick and virtually pain free. We perform them to the same impeccably high standard as all of our dental procedures and a visit to one of our clinics can be the start of a journey to a beautiful new look.

Nobody likes looking older, but the everyday stresses of life can have a devastating effect upon the skin of your face. Think of how many times you frown during the average day. Each of these frowns creases the skin and, over time, these creases cause permanent wrinkles. Feeling that you’re not Pain free face and lips treatment at Perfect Smilelooking your very best can have a damaging effect upon your confidence and that in itself can permeate every area of your life. Face and lips treatments aren’t just about vanity, they’re about wanting to make the best of yourself and wanting to feel happy with the image you present to the world. In the end, being happy with your face means being happy with who you are and that can only be a good thing.

What Are Face and Lips Treatments ?

Our face and lips treatments consist of small injections in the relevant parts of the face. These injections will administer Botox anti-wrinkle treatment or Juvederm fillers to the areas of your face which are causing concern. These treatments work on the underlying muscles which lead to the formation of wrinkles rather than, as is the case with treatments such as facial peels, merely treating the surface of the skin. The effects of our face and lips treatments can last for up to 5 months and the treatments themselves are so quick and simple that they can be administered during the course of a lunch break.

Perfect Smile face and lips treatments can roll back the years in a matter of minutes, making you look as young on the outside as you feel on the inside.

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