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The face and lips treatments offered by Perfect Smile are so quick and simple that they can be administered in a single visit. The process for both treatments is the same, involving the use of small, very fine needles to deliver the substance to the required parts of the face.


Stage 1 – Your initial consultation.

The Perfect Smile face and lips treatment technician will examine your face and talk through the issues and areas which are concerning you, outlining what can be done to alleviate them. Depending upon the nature and scale of your problems, the decision will be taken as to whether Botox or Juvederm treatments are more appropriate. By examining your face and noting the muscles which you use to frown etc, the technician will be able to decide precisely where to administer the treatments.


Stage 2

Although the injections are very small and virtually painless, some patients may choose to take up the option of having the areas in question numbed with an anaesthetic cream or ice pack.


Stage 3

The treatment will be administered using small, very fine needles. Most patients describe the treatment as feeling no worse than tiny pin pricks.


Stage 4

In the case of Juvederm, the effect will be instantaneous, whereas Botox injections may take up to 7 days to take effect. Where Juvederm is administered, a ‘touch up’ 2-4 weeks later may help to achieve the very best effects possible.

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