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Endodontics is an area of dentistry which specialises in treating the pulp of a tooth, the substance inside the tooth which contains the nerves and blood vessels. Endodontists perform a variety of procedures dealing with such conditions as pulpitis, an extremely painful inflammation of the pulp which requires root canal treatment. Although root canal treatment is the procedure most commonly carried out by endodontists, they also work on repairing cracked teeth and dealing with the whole range of dental trauma. Patients being treated by an endodontist will often be suffering great pain and require treatment urgently to save the tooth involved. For these reasons, the highly skilled and experienced endodontist at the Perfect Smile Parsons Green branch is the very best person to come to.

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How to Refer

Please ask your dentist to email us an x-ray of the tooth requiring treatment, along with our notes or a referral letter. We do accept ‘walk in’ patients if you are in pain and do not have a regular dentist.

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