You can help stop Gingivitis before it develops by:

  1. Proper brushing
  2. Flossing to remove plaque and debris and control tartar build-up.
  3. Eating foods, which help to ensure proper nutrition for your jawbone and teeth.
  4. Try to avoid cigarettes and other forms of tobacco.
  5. Always attend regular check-ups with your dentist and schedule appointments with the hygienist.


Periodontitis is caused by long-standing Gingivitis; there are different stages of periodontitis.

Periodontitis disease affects the tissues supporting the teeth. As the disease gets worst the bone anchoring the teeth in the jaw is lost, making the teeth loose or mobile.

It is important that you visit your dentist or will refer you to a hygienist or in the advanced stage to a Specialist Periodontitis surgeon for treatment.

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