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Afraid to smile on your wedding photos? Fear no more!

Posted on 21.05.2013 by perfectsmile

Afraid to smile on your wedding photosUsing cutting edge technology, cosmetic dentistry is able to help you achieve the smile you dream of for your wedding.

Getting married is not as easy as it used to – I know, I am the married mother of two married girls. Weddings mean preparations, arrangements and quite a lot of stress, as well as, luckily, happiness. As in many other occasions in our lives, a wedding makes you the centre of attention, and that’s when a bright, confident smile can send out the powerful message we want others to receive. For that reason, the most common complaints people have about their smiles are those that make them feel embarrassed or unattractive:

Tooth decay Apart from being extremely dangerous for your health, tooth decay has also a very unpleasant appearance. It shows like brown lines around the fillings until these break or fall out. Decay must always be treated and the fillings replaced to prevent more severe issues.

Stained and darkened teeth As we age, our teeth loose the whiteness they once had. Professional hygiene treatments help recovering most of the natural brightness out teeth have lost because of tobacco and coloured foods and drinks. Where these procedures fall short, however, cosmetic dentistry offers a great solution with teeth whitening procedures able to remove deepest and more resistant staining.

Misalignment Teeth straightening treatments are the best way to put an end to misalignment problems able to threaten your health. Amongst the wide range of orthodontic braces available, you might want to consider invisible braces. Prices for treatments like Invisalign might be higher than those of traditional braces; however, they offer a seamless and virtually invisible way to correct your teeth, with the convenience of being removable and allowing you much higher oral hygiene standards. Professionals at Perfect Smile dental offer a high level of experience in treating patients with Invisalign from start to finish, with over 30 cases treated every month. You can easily book a free consultation at one of their 13 dental clinics across London, even on weekends, with the reassurance of having 24 hours aftercare and support attention, and the best prices guaranteed, with treatments from only £1,450.

Missing teeth and gaps To restore a smile with gaps due to missing teeth, making it look natural and appealing as well as preventing jawbone loss and stress to the neighbouring teeth, dental implants are the most recommended and only permanent solution to recover the full functionality and look of your smile. Book a free consultation with Perfect Smile dental and get your treatment from an expert team that places around 40 implants a month using the latest dental implants systems available. You can now enjoy their 0% finance options, as well as discounts for multiple implants, and save £250 in dental implants with crowns, never to stop smiling again!

Consult Perfect Smile Dental services for dental makeovers and get the smile you deserve for the happiest day of your life!.

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