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Dental implants have long been recognised as one of the most effective treatments for teeth which are badly damaged or missing.

The replacement tooth is permanently attached to the jaw, looks perfectly natural and, if treated properly, will last a lifetime. Until now, the only drawback to dental implants was the fact that the treatment could take several months to complete, but this is no longer the case thanks to revolutionary ‘smile in a day’ implant technology. Often referred to as ‘same day dental implants’, these are exactly what they sound like; implants which are fully and permanently attached in the space of a single visit to the clinic.

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Restore your smile and your confidence with brand new teeth in a day

If you’re putting up with badly damaged or missing teeth, or ill-fitting dentures, it can have a devastating effect upon your life. Simple things such as smiling, talking to people or even kissing your grandchildren can become difficult, if not impossible, thanks to the impact upon your confidence.

The feeling of self-consciousness and embarrassment caused by imperfect teeth will stop you being able to fully express your personality, but the good news is that the ‘smile in a day’ treatment can send you back out into the world feeling confident and relaxed after just a single appointment. You will be able to eat an apple or chew a steak with ease and won’t experience any discomfort ever again! Book yourself in for a free consultation today!

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Same Day Teeth – How it Works?

Traditional implant treatment involved attaching a pin to the jaw bone and then waiting several months for the pin to become permanently integrated before putting the replacement teeth in place. As the name suggests, however, teeth in a day are actually put in place at the same time as the pins are attached, combining speed and simplicity with convenience. The process takes place as follows:

Planning: Before the treatment takes place your dentist uses cutting-edge scanning technology to create detailed images of your jaw, which will then be used to plan the exact placement of the implants. Your dentist will discuss the treatment in detail, explaining exactly where the pins will be placed and everything else the treatment entails.

Treatment: On the day of the treatment your dentist will place 4 to 8 implants in either the upper or lower jawbone, depending upon the teeth which are being replaced. After a couple of hours, the artificial teeth, which will have been custom made for each patient, will be attached to the pins. Once in place they will bring about a permanent transformation and, unlike traditional dentures, they will never slip, become loose or cause irritation.

The Benefits of Same Day Implant Treatment

It’s Fast

After the initial examination, the full course of treatment takes place over a single appointment, meaning the time spent in the dentist’s chair is greatly reduced.


Once in place, the implants are permanent, and if looked after properly will last as long as natural teeth.


The fact that the implants can be performed without the traditional healing period of several months means that it’s a treatment which will have minimal impact on the rest of your life. Take a few hours out of one day and completely transform your smile.


The bridges which we fit will be custom made to give you the kind of straight, white and even smile you’ve always dreamed of, no matter how poor the state of your teeth is when you come to us

It’s Comfortable

The treatment is much less invasive than traditional implant treatment, and therefore causes much less pain.

Local Anaesthetic

This implant treatment can be performed using only local anaesthetic, a much safer prospect than the general anaesthetic which traditionally had to be used.

Smile In A Day - Treatment plan


Planning and preparation

Your perfect smile surgeon will assess and analyse a multitude of factors and variables to make sure your case is suitable for treatment with same day smile implants. Perfect smile has its own state-of-the-art CT Scanning machine to give the most accurate 3D mapping of your jaw. This allows for safe and effective long-term results.


Same day teeth and surgery

On the day itself a team of clinicians work to clear any infection and failing teeth. This is followed by placing 4 implants which are able to support a full row of highly aesthetic composite veneered teeth, created by on-site master ceramicists. The procedure can take 2-4 hours for one row, both sets top and bottom can be done in one visit. You have the option for treatment while you are awake with local anaesthetic, or fully sedated; Waking to a perfect smile in a day!


Healing phase

For the next 8 weeks you have the opportunity to test your new smile, which gives time for you to decide on any changes in the colour, texture, sparkle and positioning of the teeth. This period also allows the implants to completely fuse to the bone in preparation for your final smile!


Final bridge

Your final bridge is normally ready within 3 months of your initial treatment. Your final smile is made up of either carbon fibre or state-of-the-art computer-milled titanium skeleton with a choice of composite zirconia or acrylic teeth.

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