There are many things that cause missing teeth.

When it happens to you, it doesn’t just harm your self-image, but can also damage your remaining teeth, impair your speech and lead to bone loss.

Thanks to modern dentistry, missing teeth can be quickly and easily fixed with dentures.

Dentures are plates of false teeth that are used to replace rows of missing teeth in your mouth. Existing for centuries, dentures have many advantages, including a low upfront cost and quick and easy procedure. Dentures are custom-made to match your exact shape and colour requirements, allowing you to achieve your perfect smile within days or hours of taking an impression of your teeth. Coming a long way in its history, today’s dentures are designed to be as comfortable and easy to wear than ever.

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Dentures are easy to adjust if you are uncomfortable and are easily removable.

However, dentures can be uncomfortable to some as they can move or dislodge in your mouth, which also causes difficulty with eating or speaking. Wearing them for prolonged periods can cause fungal infections. As dentures don’t prevent bone loss, they will need to be refitted often and replaced every five to seven as your gum and jaw structures change over time. Because of this, many people will prefer other treatments, such as dental implants.

Overall, dentures are the perfect quick and easy solution to improve the appearance of missing teeth, without undergoing any lengthy procedures such as dental implants.

How Do I Care For Dentures?

The denture will need to be removed from your mouth for cleaning. We will be able to show you how to clean it with a soft or medium bristled toothbrush and washing up liquid or liquid hand soap. Do not use toothpaste as it is too abrasive. Toothpaste will damage the acrylic denture surface by scratching it. This will promote bacterial adhesion and plaque formation. If you have a metal-based denture, be careful as some cleaners can corrode metal. Do not clean them with bleach or any other household cleaner. Never immerse them in boiling water.

Dentures should be removed at night in order to let the gum tissue rest. Wearing a denture 24 hours a day makes you more prone to fungal infections. When you are not wearing your dentures, always place them in a plastic bag with a drop of cold water to stop them drying out.

How Do Dentures Work?


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Moulds Made


Dentures fitted



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Treatment comparison

Full Denture

  • Full dentures are used to replace a full set of missing teeth on either the top or bottom of your mouth

Partial Denture

  • Partial dentures are rested on a metal framework that attaches to the rest of your teeth, making them more secure.
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