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Virtually invisible and pain-free. Get your perfect smile without changing your lifestyle.

Imagine how much your confidence would be boosted with perfectly straight teeth. Invisalign straightens and aligns teeth without fixed metal braces. You can remove them whenever you want, they’re practically invisible, and you will start to see results within a few months.

With Perfect Smile you can spread the cost too, the smile you’ve always wanted is easier than you think!

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Introducing Invisalign:
Pain-free and virtually invisible

Invisalign can help you achieve your perfect smile and the best thing about it is, it’s completely invisible, so you don’t need to worry about people noticing you wearing it.

Invisalign consists of a set of small all but invisible aligners manufactured from ultra-lightweight clear plastic. Custom-made, Invisalign gradually and painlessly shifts the position of your teeth until they are perfectly straight.

Once one set of aligners has done its job, it’s replaced by the next set, providing gradual but noticeable movement of your teeth until they’re in exactly the right position and you’re ready to unveil your perfect smile to the world.

Hear about Invisalign

Why choose Perfect Smile for Invisalign

Dentist, Sarah Hastings, shares her insight into why you should choose Perfect Smile for Invisalign.

How Invisalign works

See how Invisalign works, from your consultation to receiving your custom aligners to perfect your smile.

Can Invisalign work for me?

Overcrowded teeth

This occurs when there is a lack of room within your jaw for all of your teeth to fit normally.

Widely spaced teeth

When you have extra space within your jaw your teeth can move to fit the space, creating widely spaced teeth.


This occurs when the upper and lower jaws are both misaligned. It usually causes one or more upper teeth to bite on the inside of the lower teeth, and can happen on both the front and/or the sides of the mouth.


Overbites happen when the upper teeth overlap significantly with the lower teeth.


This occurs when the lower teeth protrude past the front teeth, usually caused by undergrowth of the upper jaw, overgrowth of the lower jaw, or both.

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iTero Scanner - See results instantly

With our state of the art iTero scanner you can instantly see the results of your treatment. iTero allows your dentist to take a 3D digital scan of your teeth and bite, without messy, gag inducing molds.

How does it work?

Your mouth is scanned with a special wand that captures the 3D detail of your teeth. This is accurately visualised onscreen, and each step of your treatment is shown, so you can see how each aligner will move your teeth.

iTero is a great, easy way to see how invisalign will change your smile and how long the treatment will take. Contact us today to book a consultation.

Before and After

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Before Invisalign

This patient had widely spaced teeth, and so invisalign was used to close the gap between teeth.

After Invisalign

After completing their course of aligners this patient also had whitening treatment, revealing a dazzling straight smile.

Before Invisalign

Before her Invisalign treatment, this patient was unhappy with her widely spaced front teeth.

After Invisalign

Thanks to Invisalign the patient now has a beautifully straight smile that beams true confidence.

Before Invisalign

This patient's teeth were uneven and widely spaced apart, causing them serious self-confidence issues.

After Invisalign

Now our patient can smile with confidence! Invisalign has brought their bottom teeth together and straightened out their smile.

Before Invisalign

Before Invisalign, this patient's teeth were crooked and widely spaced.

After Invisalign

After treatment, this patient has a perfect smile.

Before Invisalign

A crooked, wonky smile was wrecking havoc with our patient's confidence.

After Invisalign

Invisalign has helped straighten out her smile.

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Treatment comparison


  • Invisalign comes as a series of clear removable aligners
  • You can remove the aligners for special occasions (optimal wear should be minimum 18 hours)
  • You have the ability to clean your teeth and gums effectively
  • You can eat whatever you want comfortably
  • A ClinCheck animation lets you see the progression of your teeth beforehand
  • They are custom-made specifically for your teeth
  • Invisalign fits your lifestyle
  • Treatment is virtually pain free

Traditional Braces

  • Exposed metal or unsightly white braces
  • Fixed braces can only be removed by trained professionals
  • Brushing teeth requires a lot more effort to ensure you do not damage any wires and maintain gum health
  • Food choices are limited as a lot of food can get stuck within the braces or damage them
  • No preview of the completed treatment
  • Regular visits for check-ups every 3-8 weeks and maintenance if brackets or wires break
  • A lot of maintenance required to keep braces intact
  • Painful ulcers from braces and movement of teeth
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How does Invisalign work?


Your initial appointment

We will identify and discuss the best available treatment for you.


Taking measurements

We will take impressions of your teeth that will help create your custom aligners.


Explaining treatment

We will invite you to review a complete animation of your treatment plan.


Fitting the aligners

At this appointment, you will receive your first aligners and treatment will begin


Reveal your smile

Once you finish your sequence of aligners you're ready to reveal your smile to the world.

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