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Let Dental Massage Take The Fear Out Of Visiting Your Dentist

Posted on 16.07.2012 by perfectsmile

Although the world of dentistry has changed dramatically in recent years, with modern clinics presenting a relaxing, laid back atmosphere and dentists going out of their way to make the whole experience as pleasant as possible, there is still no getting away from the fact that, for some people, a trip to the dentist is something to be feared.

Many people suffer anxiety when dealing with trips to the dentist, and the reasons aren’t difficult to comprehend. It can’t be denied that numerous dental treatments are painful in nature and, even with the use of state of the art anaesthetics and painkillers, they can still be highly uncomfortable. Naturally, people want to avoid pain and discomfort as much as they can, and for some this develops to the point where it can become a virtual phobia, a fear which results in them hardly ever visiting a dentist at all, even for something as simple as a check up.

The ramifications of this kind of fear can be drastic. No matter how careful you are regarding your diet and your oral hygiene regime, there are still certain problems which only a dentist is going to be able to spot, and if these problems are allowed to go unchecked they will only escalate. The first effect of this will be a severe degrading of the appearance of your teeth, something which will, in turn, affect your confidence and the way in which you interact with others. Not only will your teeth look bad, however, but if decay sets in the result will be severe levels of pain. Over and above these basic considerations is the fact that your dentist is often the first person to spot underlying health problems and alert you to the need to take action. Besides the standard health considerations of making regular trips to the dentist it should be remembered that modern dentistry offers a wide range of cosmetic treatments, meaning that it is within the reach of anyone to have a smile with which they are totally happy and which allows them to go into the world feeling confident and at ease. For all of these reasons, it is vital that dentists strive to make a visit to their clinic as relaxing as possible, and for that reason many are now embracing the technique of dental massage.

Dental massage entails utilising basic massage techniques in order to make patients feel more relaxed and at ease in general. Not only does this lower stress levels, but it also reduces the pain felt and has been shown to reduce recovery time. Whether the massage is delivered prior to the treatment itself, or while the dentist is busy examining your mouth, it will help to take your mind off the situation, giving you something else to focus on as either your hands or feet are massaged. The fact that you feel more able to relax means that the dentist will be able to undertake any examination or treatment more successfully, leading to an excellent overall result.

With the use of dental massage, a trip to the dentist will no longer be something to dread and fear, but will instead become a relaxing event, leading to increased dental health and with it a boost to your overall confidence and well being.

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