Achieve your perfect smile with our guide to teeth straightening

Your smile should be shared with the world.

Crooked or uneven teeth can happen to anyone. Whether it’s something you’ve always had, or something that’s getting worse over time, crooked teeth is not only damaging for your self-image, but can also lead to dental problems in the long term. With latest dental advancements, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect teeth straightening solution for you.

So, what options are there for you to achieve your perfect smile?

Traditional braces

When we think of teeth straightening, traditional braces are one of the first things that come to mind.

Traditional braces are one of the most visible and intrusive treatments for teeth straightening. Made of metal brackets and bands glued to your teeth, these braces are slowly adjusted until your teeth are straightened.

Less obvious forms of traditional braces are also available, including ceramic and lingual braces. Ceramic braces match the colour of your teeth to blend more naturally into your mouth, while lingual braces are glued to the back of your bottom set of teeth.

Although ceramic and lingual braces are less obvious, like traditional braces, they are also difficult to maintain and care for. These braces require regular check-ups and adjustment procedures. If a band breaks or snaps, it can make it difficult to maintain good dental hygiene, which can lead to oral health problems.

These braces also impact heavily on your day-to-day life, limiting some food and drink you can have as they may get stuck in or damage your braces.

Invisalign braces

Invisalign braces are the less intrusive and more comfortable teeth straightening treatment.

Custom-made for your teeth, Invisalign braces are a set of small, invisible aligners that are replaced every two weeks. Made from ultra-lightweight and clear plastic, each set will gradually and painlessly shift the position of your teeth until you have your perfect smile.

Because they are completely removable, these braces will allow you to comfortably eat whatever you want and easily maintain good dental hygiene.

Invisalign braces are the perfect teeth straightening treatment to let you continue your life as normal.


If your teeth are only slightly crooked, or have space and gaps between them, veneers could offer the quick, long term fix for you. Veneers are wafer thin shells that attach to your teeth, giving the appearance of a fuller, straighter and more even smile.

Strong, resilient and relatively stain resistant, veneers are a great option for those who want the appearance of straighter teeth without a longer treatment.


There are many teeth straightening options out there for you. Ultimately, your dentist will be able to discuss the options and help you find your perfect solution depending on your unique needs.

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