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When you visit a dental clinic, you place a great deal of trust in the competence and professionalism of the people who are treating you. Whilst the vast majority of dental clinicians are experienced professionals striving to do their best for their patients, there are always going to be one or two who will let the side down. When mistakes get made during dental treatment the ramifications can be severe – days, weeks or even months of pain, permanent disfigurement and the expense of seeking more treatment to correct the mistakes. This is what you want to avoid, of course, and if you’ve been visiting a clinic for several years then the chances are that you’ve established a relationship of trust and faith in the abilities of the people treating you. If you’re looking for a new clinic, however, and aren’t able to make use of word of mouth recommendations, then there’s a chance you might feel unable to make a choice. One certain guide, however, is to look at the issue of association in dental practice, and note the bodies, councils and organisations which are happy to have themselves associated with the clinic. At Perfect Smile we are proud to associate ourselves with some of the most trusted and august bodies in the UK. These are organisations, such as the Care Quality Commission, which are a byword for trust, competence and the highest possible standards, and the fact that they are happy to see themselves associated with Perfect Smile is clearly indicative of the high regard in which we are held and the standard of excellence to which we hold ourselves. If you scroll to the bottom of our website, you’ll find a collection of these associations and the following is a brief account of what each association or body represents:

Care Quality Commission – The purpose of the Care Quality Commission (CCQ) is to ensure that health and social care services provide their users with care that is effective, safe, high quality and compassionate, and that they are always striving to improve their standards. The role of the CCQ, in practical terms, is to regulate, inspect and monitor services to ensure that fundamental standards are being met in terms of safety and quality. Their findings are also published as ratings, which people can use to select the care they need. Perfect Smile clinics meet standards which mean they have been approved by the CCQ.

Invisalign Platinum Elite Provider – Invisalign is a form of orthodontic treatment which shifts the position of the patients’ teeth using lightweight, transparent Perspex retainers rather than the traditional metal wires. The retainers are custom made for each patient, and can be slotted on and taken off easily to allow for eating and drinking. A new retainer is fitted every two weeks or so, and gradually the teeth are moved to the right position. Nicknamed ‘Invisible Braces’, Invisalign are genuinely so unobtrusive that people won’t know you’re wearing them unless you choose to tell them. The Platinum Elite Provider status means that patients can put their trust in the experience we have of providing this innovative treatment.


BDA – The British Dental Association was founded in 1880 and is a trade unionrepresenting people who work within the dental profession. As well as lobbying on legislation affecting the world of dentistry, they also work with their members to ensure that the highest possible standards are met and maintained. Its mission is to promote the interests of its’ members and to work with them to improve general levels of dental health throughout the UK. Perfect Smile is a member of the BDA and adheres to its’ standards.

General Dental Council – The General Dental Council is a regulatory body which registers qualified practitioners, enforces the highest standards of professionalism and investigates complaints from members of the public. Its role is to maintain the highest levels of dental care and to protect the public from unregistered and unscrupulous practitioners. The fact that all Perfect Smile dentists are registered with the GDC is a mark of our professionalism and the standards we adhere to.

NHS – The NHS (National Health Service) is the body, created in 1948, which is funded by general taxation and is responsible for providing health care free at the point of use across the entire range of medical and dental problems. Perfect Smile clinics offer NHS treatments alongside private treatments to those eligible, so visit your nearest clinic today to find out exactly what’s on offer.

Asian Business Awards – The English Asian Business Awards (EABA) are held annually at a prestigious ceremony designed to promote and celebrate the Asian men and women, of all ages and in all fields, who have achieved the most in their field of endeavour. The awards celebrate hard work, entrepreneurial zeal, innovation and success. The fact that Perfect Smile has been nominated as a finalist at the English Asian Business Awards is an indication that it is a practice in the very first rank.   The fact that all of these bodies are happy and proud to be associated with Perfect Smile is a clear indication of the high levels of patient care we provide and the efforts we are constantly making to improve our services and continually achieve better outcomes. One thing which every one of the bodies concerned has in common is that they are viewed by the public at large and by their peers as being eminently trustworthy. Put simply, their good name is their fortune, and the factor which allows them to continue doing the work they do. The fact that they link their own name to that of Perfect Smile, then, is a clear sign that they know we are to be trusted and that we will always behave and practice in a manner which will reflect upon them in the best possible manner. In turn, our patients can take this symbol of trust as a sign that they are placing their dental care in safe hands. Perfect Smile is now the UK’s largest and fastest growing network of dental care to be trusted by such a wide and varied range of health associations.

If you need treatment, a smile transformation or just a simple check-up and cleaning, then you can book into a Perfect Smile clinic absolutely certain you’ll get the highest quality treatment.

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