Take Advantage of Perfect Smile’s New Online Booking System

Despite all of the medical advances in treatment and technology which have been made in recent years, many patients find that the hardest part of getting the treatment they need is actually managing to book an appointment to see their doctor. The first difficulty lies in the fact that most people have to work many hours per week to keep their heads above water, and find it extremely difficult to find the time to see a doctor, let alone a time which is convenient. On top of this there is the fact that the very best doctors are likely to be in high demand, and the only opportunity to see them will be some time in the future, together with the experience that many people have of dealing with operators who book appointments. All too often, these operators seem to approach the situation as if it is there job to ‘protect’ the doctor from patients and preserve his or her time, rather than facilitate the patient and their needs. At Perfect Smile we’ve noted this problem and taken steps to deal with it. As far as we are concerned, nothing is more important than the welfare of our patients, and, no matter how good the treatment we provide is, it won’t count for anything if patients in pain or requiring cosmetic treatment can’t even book an appointment. For that reason, Perfect Smile dental clinic’s new step towards customer welfare is an online booking system, automating the process and opening up access. Amongst the advantages are:

  • Ease of access – No listening to tinny music while you wait for the phone to be answered  with a simple visit to one website you have full and open access to the system. We also aim to maximise accessibility by ensuring that the site can be reached via mobile devices such laptops and tablets.
  • Appointments – You can now book an appointment that suits you with just one click.
  • Paperless – Files and prescriptions are now stored online, making them easy to access at any time, and removing the need for cumbersome paperwork.
  • Management – The fact that all of your information is in one place and easily reached makes it simpler to manage your case than it’s ever been, meaning that you’re more likely to get the treatment you require exactly when you need it.

We have therefor offer the ‘Appointmentor’ appointment booking system, which takes everything online and puts the power in the hands of you, the patient.

  • Real Time Booking – The empty appointment slots are displayed in real time and taken off the system as soon as they have been booked. This means that everyone – the patient seeking treatment and the receptionist managing the clinic – knows exactly what is happening, with there being no chance of inconveniences such as double booking.
  • Control – The information stored and displayed via the external system for online appointments will allow patients to keep a firm grip on their treatment, especially if it’s an extended treatment programme, such as a smile makeover, which requires multiple visits to the clinic. Patients can monitor what has been done, what is still outstanding and which individual dentist they will be seeing.
  • Ease of use – While we live in a wireless and interconnected world, there are still many people who have fairly limited computer skills. For this reason, the booking system will be as simple to navigate and use as possible and will offer features which are easy to find and utilise, such as booking a particular appointment time and date, selecting an individual dentist and accessing instructions on how to locate the clinic itself.
  • Security – The fact that the system is completely secure and confidential will help to free up the time of the receptionists, enabling them to concentrate on patient welfare rather than dealing with paperwork or tracking appointments, as would previously have been the case.
  • Flexibility – Our online system allows new patients to register in the comfort of their own home, cutting out the need for a visit to the clinic and the time spent laboriously filing in forms. It will also present the maximum amount of information to the patient, allowing them to access details such as the specialities and experience of particular members of staff and view pictures or videos of aspects such as the reception area and treatment room at the clinic.
  • Communication – The creation of an open platform of this kind means that communication can flow back and forth between patients and clinicians in a seamless manner. Any changes, such as an appointment being rescheduled or cancelled, could be relayed to the patient using text messaging and emails.
  • Payments – Another convenient aspect of the system would be the fact that patients with bills to pay would be able to make the payments online rather than having to travel to the clinic in person.

If you would like to experience the convenience of our online appointment system, simply pay a visit to our website, where you’ll find a link enabling you to book an appointment online at whichever one of our clinics is the most convenient for you. Once you’ve discovered just how much time, energy and effort the system saves, you’ll never go back to the old way of doing things. Not only does the system make life easier but, by making access to treatment simpler, it will have a hugely positive effect upon the condition and appearance of your teeth.

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