Using An Electric Toothbrush – Tips and Facts

Of the most effective steps that you can take when it comes to preserving the long term health of your teeth, there are few things which have a more lasting and positive effect than making sure that you clean them properly. Whilst your dental hygienist will be able to explain the best techniques to use when wielding a brush, there’s still no getting away from the fact that an electric toothbrush will do the job much more effectively than the manual variety.

Many people make mistakes when it comes to brushing their teeth, the most common of these revolving around the type of brush used, the amount of time spent brushing and the brushing technique applied. In terms of the type of brush chosen, people often assume that the firmer the bristles, the better the results will be, with higher levels of debris and tartar build up shifted. In truth, however, very hard bristles will actually damage the enamel of the teeth, wearing it away and proving far too abrasive. A dentist will recommend using a brush which is either soft or super soft, since this, if employed correctly, can get the job done without damaging the enamel.

Another common mistake is to spend too little time brushing your teeth. The recommended time is two to three minutes, which, if you actually sit down to measure it, is probably a little bit longer than most people realise. Making sure you time it properly, and that equal attention is paid to all different parts of the mouth, is vital if you’re to do a thorough cleaning job.

If your dental hygienist points out that, despite your best efforts, your teeth aren’t becoming as clean as they might, then it may be time to shift from a manual to an electric toothbrush. The toothbrush which your dentist recommends will have a head with the right type of bristles and will be shaped to make it easier to reach difficult to clean places in your mouth. Not only that, but most electric toothbrushes have an in built timer which means it is extremely easy to monitor the amount of time you spend cleaning your teeth and ensure you don’t rush the job.

The fact that your electric toothbrush moves under its own power means that you’ll be less likely to press it down too hard, or to move it in an over-vigorous and potentially damaging manner. The head will be supplying between three and five thousand strokes per minute, the kind of cleaning power which no mere mortal could ever hope to match.

The main tip for getting the most out of your electric toothbrush is to move it slowly and steadily from tooth to tooth. The size of the head on most such toothbrushes means that it is ideal for cleaning individual teeth and, by taking your time and working the head over all the different surfaces of your teeth, you’ll be removing plaque, tartar and foodstuff no matter where they might have gathered.

Since an electric toothbrush is a mechanical device it should be carefully checked before each time you use it. Set it running outside your mouth to make sure that the head is firmly connected to the body and that none of the bristles are likely to work loose when actually in your mouth. Replacing the head on a regular basis is another way of making sure that this is the case and, with the right level of attention, you should be able to keep your teeth in excellent condition for many years.

As well as letting you know the best steps to take to keep your teeth healthy, your dentist will be able to outline any treatments you may need to replace missing, damaged or unsightly teeth. Steps such as fitting a dental implant or using dental braces to ensure that a row of teeth is correctly aligned, will give you a smile which is so dazzling you’ll want to make sure you keep it perfectly clean each and every day.

Whilst a good dentist can help you to take giant strides toward having the kind of smile you’ve always wanted, looking after it once you get home is your own responsibility. Making sure you have the right tools and knowledge required to keep your teeth looking dazzling will help to keep your smile as attractive as possible.

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