Implant & CT referrals

At Perfect Smile, we make sure our clinics are up-to-date with the latest technology to help everyone achieve their perfect smile.

With many years of practising implantology, continued training and development, together with heavy investment in dental equipment such as our CT scanner, our Tooth Implant Centre has become the home for referrals in the London area.

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Our CT scanner allows us to

  • Observe detailed anatomical structure.
  • Avoid damage to sensitive structures such as nerves in the process of implant surgery, making procedures safer, quicker and less painful.
  • Check impacted teeth positions accurately.
  • Know exactly what is going on in your mouth, enabling us to build a treatment plan which helps you to achieve your perfect smile.
  • Provide treatment for sensitivity.
  • Plan pre-implant surgery effectively, with a full 3D image of your jaw.
  • Improve our surgery success rate, to keep you smiling.
  • Reduce surgery time as a result of a more accurate diagnosis.
  • Provide a fast and painless diagnosis.