The Best Way to Whiten Teeth

We all want a whiter, brighter smile that we can be proud to show off.

Teeth whitening can help us to achieve the smile we’ve always dreamed of.

But, with so many whitening options out there, it can be hard deciding which is the best fit for you.

The traditional method has always been to pop in to see a dentist, who’ll whiten your teeth in-surgery.

Yet the introduction of home whitening sets and the increasing popularity of kits bought online has left patients confused as to which method is the best.

Over-the-counter teeth whitening kits are popular but can come with the risk of sensitivity and gum irritation.

Are teeth whitening kits safe?

We often get asked, are teeth whitening kits safe?

We’ve all seen the Facebook adverts with the bubbly actors pretending to whiten their smiles with clear gloop and a UV light. But is this the correct method?

While these over the counter or online purchased whitening sets are a cost-effective method of brightening your smile, they’re not recommended by Perfect Smile dentists or the BDA.

This is because of the risks involved in their application and the varying strengths available. They’re also not as effective as other whitening methods, as they’re not tailored specifically to the contours of your smile.

So, to answer the question “ are teeth whitening kits safe? ”, we’d advise that the only kit you do use is one recommended by your dentist, or to book in for some in-surgery whitening.

Which teeth whitening treatment should I choose?

When you’re looking for the best whitening treatment, you should always consult a dental professional for advice to ensure you get great results and a process that’s safe and gentle on your teeth.

At Perfect Smile, we offer two types of teeth whitening – an in-surgery option and an at-home kit.

In-surgery Zoom Whitening

Our in-surgery Zoom Whitening is the preferred method, due to its long-lasting results and professional application. In-surgery whitening is particularly effective and will have the brightest results, thanks to the powerful UV light technology used.

You can either make one or two appointments with the surgery for your whitening treatment. The dentist will apply the whitening solution to remove any stains or discolouration, giving you a brighter, whiter smile. Results will be visible immediately and will last up to a year with good maintenance.

This kind of whitening is especially effective if you have deep discoloration, maybe from years of smoking, drinking wine and coffee, or taking certain types of medication.

Home whitening from Perfect Smile

While our home whitening kits will whiten your teeth to a similar degree, the method and application are slightly different. You can purchase a take-home whitening kit from one of our surgeries and it’ll only require 15 minutes of the dentist’s time to create a mould. Within a few days, your unique whitening kit will be ready; which will include a set of whitening moulds that are specifically designed for your teeth, fitting every contour for even results. You’ll apply whitening solution to the moulds and pop into your mouth for a couple of minutes a day. The complete transformation will be noticed within a week to ten days and will last around six months.

The benefit of home-whitening kits from your dentist, compared to those bought over the counter, is that your dentist can recommend the correct strength for your teeth to avoid damage to your enamel or gums.

Plus, because the moulds are made specifically for you and your teeth, you’re ensured of even and longer-lasting results.

Over-the-counter home whitening

The British Dental Association (BDA) warns that teeth whitening should be recommended or carried out only by a dental professional. Though there are whitening kits available for purchase online and over-the-counter.

While these kits may have the ability to whiten your teeth, you run the risk of suffering permanent damage to your teeth and gums.

For example, if the mouthguard containing the bleaching gel does not fit properly, some of it may leak and cause painful chemical burns.

In extreme cases, people have been sick after swallowing the bleaching product.

Another added risk of over-the-counter or internet purchased kits is that they may not contain enough whitening solution to be effective, so you could be wasting your money.

Teeth whitening at Perfect Smile

At Perfect Smile, we understand how important your smile is and the effect a brighter, whiter smile can have on your life.

We can help you to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted, safely and effectively.

For more advice about teeth whitening, or to book an appointment to get your teeth sparkling white, get in touch via your nearest surgery.