Brighten Your Christmas Smile with the Right Dental Treatments

Christmas is on the way and with it your chance to socialise, make new friends, celebrate with old friends and spend a special time of the year relaxing, looking your best and having fun. Let’s not forget eating and drinking, either, since excess is part of what a modern festive celebration is all about, as you forget about the diet and counting carbs for a couple of weeks and let your dietary hair down. You might be wondering how this all relates to a trip to your nearest dental clinic, but the truth is that you can celebrate Christmas with Perfect Smile dental treatments, and take advantage of our seasonal special offers to make sure that transforming your smile doesn’t take too much out of your festive budget. Visiting us at this time of the year will have two advantages:

  • It will ensure your teeth are in the best possible condition before dealing with the annual onslaught of pudding, mince pies, nuts and mulled wine.
  • It will provide the perfect opportunity to access the cosmetic treatments on offer, treatments which will make sure you have the most dazzling smile on show at every Christmas party you attend, and will enable you to relax and enjoy yourself safe in the knowledge you’re looking your absolute best.

Very few people are completely happy with the smile they see when they look in the mirror, whether they feel their teeth are too crooked, not white enough, or are affected by a major problem such as decay or a tooth which is missing altogether. The good news, especially at a time of year like Christmas, is that the cosmetic treatments we offer are capable of dealing with all and any of these problems, and of transforming your smile into the one you’ve always dreamed of. While you’re out and about selecting gifts for friends and family, why not treat yourself to one of the following:

  • Invisalign – Crooked, protruding or overcrowded teeth are often the last problem that people think of dealing with, and a large part of this is down to feelings of apprehension regarding the treatment. When considering orthodontic – or teeth straightening – treatment, most people assume that the method will be based upon the obtrusive metal braces they remember from childhood. The truth of the matter, however, is that technology has moved on to a huge degree, and clinics such as Perfect Smile are now able to offer Invisalign treatment, a method of straightening teeth which is convenient, effective and user friendly. The treatment consists of a lightweight, transparent Perspex retainer which can easily be slotted onto the teeth and is all but invisible to the naked eye. It can be removed for eating, drinking and cleaning the teeth, and will give you a perfectly straight and even smile to flash at every Christmas party you attend.
  • Dental Implants – One of the most intrusive dental problems ever faced by patients is the gap caused by a missing tooth. No matter how white and perfect the rest of your teeth are, the space where the tooth should be is all that people will notice when you smile at or talk to them. Whether the tooth in question was knocked out in an accident or lost through gum disease or decay, it needs to be replaced as quickly as possible, for aesthetic reasons and because the teeth on either side are at risk of shifting and being affected by decay. A dental implant is by far the most effective means of replacing a missing tooth, since it offers a permanent and entirely natural looking solution. A metal pin is attached to the jaw to take the place of the root, and the replacement tooth, individually crafted to exactly match the rest of your teeth, is attached to it. With a solution as effective and convenient as this on offer, there’s really no need to suffer the embarrassment and stress of having a missing tooth at the most exciting and joyful time of the year.
  • Teeth Whitening – No matter how carefully you brush your teeth or how often you visit your dentist for a check-up, there’s still a chance that, over time, your teeth will become grey and discoloured. In part, this can be put down to strongly pigmented food and drink such as tea, coffee and red wine, but for many people it’s simply a natural part of the ageing process. Fortunately, it’s no longer something which has to simply be accepted, since modern teeth whitening methods bring dazzling white teeth within the reach of anyone. The treatment consists of your dentist applying a bleaching agent to the surface of your teeth and, in some cases, activating the agent with a special light. The latest methods, as used by Perfect Smile, are capable of lifting your teeth several shades in the space of a single visit to the clinic, and will send you on your way with a smile bright and dazzling enough to outshine any Christmas fairy lights.
  • Smile in a Day – If you’ve got missing or badly damaged teeth it can completely ruin the appearance of your smile and leave you feeling unable to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family over the Christmas season. Visit a Perfect Smile clinic, however, and you can access Smile in a Day treatment which consists of implants which replace missing teeth in a natural looking and permanent manner and can be applied in the space of a single visit to the clinic. Put simply, you’ll walk into the clinic with a smile that’s ruined by missing teeth, and walk out feeling perfectly happy and ready to enjoy the rest of Christmas.

If you’re tempted by the idea of transforming your appearance just in time for Christmas but worried about the cost, why not take advantage of some of the fantastic special offers currently available at Perfect Smile:

  • Invisalign Invisible Braces – The attractive and convenient answer to crooked or misaligned teeth is currently available at a special price of just £1,150.
  • Home Whitening Kit – Lift the brightness of your teeth in your own time and in the comfort of your home with a kit that’s available for just £245, a saving of £50 on the usual price.
  • Botulinum Toxin – While you’re turning your smile into the smile you’ve always wanted, make sure you don’t neglect the rest of your face. Botulinum Toxin treatment will rejuvenate your skin and roll back the years just in time for the Christmas party season. You can currently treat one area for £275, two areas for £300 and three areas for just £325, each of which is a saving of £25 on the usual price.

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