Discover The Magic of Tooth Whitening Strips

Having teeth which are dazzlingly white and bright is something which almost everyone aspires to. After all, you can’t open a magazine or turn on the television without being faced with row after row of perfect Hollywood smiles and it’s only natural to aspire to something similar for yourself. Armed with a white, flawless smile of this kind you’ll be able to approach every situation, either social or professional, with a degree of confidence and relaxation which will enable you to fully express your personality. The most effective way of keeping your teeth white is to avoid food and drink which might stain them, such as coffee and red wine, and to ensure that you clean them regularly and in the correct manner, but sometimes even this won’t be enough. Wear and tear brought about by the natural ageing process will make the enamel on your teeth thinner, thus allowing the darker surfaces beneath to shine through, and some people have the bad luck to be born with a predisposition toward greying teeth. The good news for everyone is that modern technology means that it’s quicker and easier than it’s ever been to transform the appearance of your teeth. A modern dentist’s surgery will offer professional laser teeth whitening capable of producing instant results, meaning that if you want to look your best for an important occasion such as a wedding then a clean, white smile is within your grasp. The latest breakthrough in the field, however, is a type of teeth whitening kit which means you don’t even have to spend any time in the surgery and can transform your teeth whilst getting on with the rest of your life.

Teeth Whitening Strips Options: The technology in question takes the form of teeth whitening strips which can be purchased over the counter and applied in the comfort of your own home. The strips are constructed from ultra-thin plastic which is then coated with a bleaching agent, most commonly hydrogen peroxide. If you wish to achieve more dramatic results than those offered by over the counter strips then it is possible to ask your dentist to coat some with stronger bleach such as carbamide peroxide. In both cases, however, actually applying the bleach is simply a matter of putting the strips in place against your teeth for a period thirty minutes, twice a day. An improvement can usually be seen almost instantly and the degree of whitening will increase throughout the period during which the strips are used. The length of treatment required will depend upon the level of brightness sought and the strength of the bleach used, but it is usually somewhere between a week and two weeks.

Tooth Whitening Effect

Advantages: The fact that it only takes up an hour of each day means that it can be fitted around the average person’s busy life, and the comfort and lightness of the strips means that you can still move around and get on with tasks whilst wearing them, or even just sit back, relax and dream of how white your teeth will soon be. One other plus point is that whitening strips are considerably less expensive than many in-surgery options, meaning that more people than ever can look forward to being able to impress friends and strangers alike with their dazzling Hollywood smile.

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