Give your mum a perfect smile on Mother’s Day

March 15th is a special date in the UK this year because it marks the day upon which Mothering Sunday (usually known as Mother’s Day) falls, and, as such, is the day upon which children of all ages get to repay just a little bit of the debt which they owe to their mother. Celebrating this special day is a way of saying thanks for everything that your mum has done for you over the years, and helping her to transform her smile would represent a gift that vastly improves her life in a dramatic and permanent manner.

Let's Celebrate Mother's Day

How A Mothers Dental Care Regime Can Benefit A Child Now and in the Future

The attitude which a mother has towards her own teeth will play a huge part in influencing the approach which her offspring will adopt. Put simply, if your mum looks after her teeth in the correct manner during your formative years then it’s highly likely that you’ll grow up to do the same, via a combination of being taught how to do it, and simply following her example. It’s not simply a question of avoiding too many sweets and visiting the dentist regularly, since a diligent mum can also boost a child’s chances of having healthy teeth by doing the following:

Not putting a baby to bed with a bottle in their mouth:

Even if the bottle is full of milk, the child in question will have sugary liquid pooling around their teeth and causing damage throughout the night.

Helping a child to brush their teeth:

It’s never too soon to start teaching a child how to look after their teeth. Even before a baby’s first teeth emerge, mums can clean their gums with a damp flannel, and once the teeth are in place children should be helped to clean them properly until they are approximately 8 years old.

It follows, therefore, that if you look in the mirror and like the smile that you see reflected back at you then you have your mum to thank for that, and what could be a better way of saying thanks than helping her to transform her own smile. Give her the gift of transformative dental treatment and you’ll be helping her to express herself in every walk of life. In fact, gift a perfect smile to your Mother on this Mothering Sunday and she’ll truly appreciate just how much you love her. The following are just two examples of the kind of gifts available:

Perfect Smile Dental - Membership Plan

Present our dental membership plan:

A healthy gift package for a caring mum. Your mum has always gone out of her way to put a glowing smile on your face, so now you can return the favour, by giving her a Perfect Smile dental plan. Using this dental plan she can arrange interest-free instalments on a range of treatments designed to transform her smile and, with it, her life.

Present Smile in a Day Treatment or Gift a Full Set of Dentures:

Alternatively, you could give your mother a whole new smile, making sure it’s perfect by buying a full set of dentures for just £1,500 per arch, or Gift a Same day smile to your Mum – all on 4 implants could be best for her because they allow a full set of implants to be fitted in just a single visit to the clinic, meaning the most important person in your life doesn’t have to wait for stunning results. Contact our specialist dental implant coordinators and book mum a free consultation today.

If you look back, you’ll realise that your mother has always done her best to make sure you are happy, smiling and cheerful, and you can return the favour, quite literally, on Mothering Sunday. If you are on Facebook, you could even make an appointment there using our Facebook page Book Now feature. Connecting to the smile of your dreams has never been easier, and nor has sharing the joy and happiness of Mother’s Day.

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