Taking Care of Your Teeth: The Battle Against Plaque

Taking care of our teeth is an incredibly important part of everyday life.

While your teeth may look pearly and white on the surface, there’s a menacing bacteria constantly threatening your oral health, even with regular brushing.


Plaque is a sticky, colourless deposit of bacteria that is constantly forming on the tooth surface.

The build-up of plaque can trap stains on the teeth and is also the primary factor in gum problems.

Fighting plaque build-up on teeth is a life-long part of good oral care – it begins forming on teeth 4-12 hours after brushing! Which is why it’s so important to brush at least twice a day and floss daily.

Some types of plaque cause tooth decay, other types cause gum disease. Both kinds are harmful to your oral health.

Red, puffy or bleeding gums can be the first signs of gum disease. If gum disease is not treated, the tissues holding the teeth in place are destroyed and the teeth are eventually lost.

How to Get Rid of Plaque

People often ask us how to get rid of plaque.

While there are in-practice methods of getting rid of plaque, it’s much easier to prevent it from building up at home. As plaque begins to form within 4 hours it’s important to follow these preventative steps.

The first step is flossing. Flossing should be done before brushing and helps to reduce germs and food particles between teeth. You should aim to floss at least once a day.

After flossing, it’s time to brush! Use any tooth brushing method that is comfortable, but do not scrub hard back and forth. Small circular motions and short back and forth motions work well.

To prevent decay, it’s what’s on the toothbrush that counts. Use fluoride toothpaste as this is what protects teeth from decay.

Floss and tooth brush. Flossing is another way of how to get rid of plaque

Thirdly, ensure you’re seeing your dentist on a regular basis. Once, every six months is recommended, but you may have to attend more often if necessary.

Treatments such as a scale and polish are also effective for the removal of plaque. This is a ‘professional clean’ carried out at your local dental surgery.

The dental hygienist will scrape away plaque and tartar from your teeth using special instruments, then polish your teeth to remove marks or stains.

If a lot of plaque or tartar has built up, you may need to have more than one scale and polish.

The price of a scale and polish can vary depending on what needs to be carried out, so ask your dental hygienist how much it’ll cost beforehand. Treatment usually costs around £55.

Allow Perfect Smile to Help

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