Ring The Changes With A Chocolate Flavoured Toothpaste

Think about this question for a second: Who on earth wants to brush their teeth with chocolate? It may sound like a foolish enquiry, but it has serious side, and that’s to do with taking the right preventative measures to protect your teeth. There are few things more important for your long term dental good health than a strict and efficient dental hygiene regime. Despite the amazing advances that have been made in dental treatments in recent years, with clinics now being able to offer cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening, veneers and orthodontics, nothing can take the place of ensuring that your teeth don’t fall victim to decay in the first place, and nothing assures this more certainly than removing the plaque and food debris which cause decay and gum disease. Until now, of course, almost all toothpaste has been made with a refreshing minty flavour but it’s soon going to be possible to enjoy a whole new world of taste when you scrub your teeth clean thanks to the revolutionary concept of the chocolate flavoured toothpaste.

Although the toothpaste tastes radically different from anything else which is on the market today, it still performs the same basic task as toothpaste has always done. It is fluoride based as almost all toothpastes are, and contains the foam, gentle abrasives and cleaning agents which remove the bacteria and acid which can wreak havoc with the enamel of your teeth.

The choice of chocolate as a flavouring may strike some people as being rather strange, however. As stated, most other toothpastes have a minty flavour and this leaves the mouth feeling tingling, refreshed and almost glowing with cleanliness. Unlike mint, however, chocolate is a foodstuff which is rich in compounds known as tannins. Tannins can also be found in the likes of red wine and black tea and tend to produce a quite astringent and ‘dry’ taste and may leave the mouth feeling somewhat dry itself. It could be asked, therefore whether this is the kind of thing which you want to introduce to your mouth first thing in the morning, when it is quite likely to be feeling pretty dry anyway. In an effort to combat this, the toothpaste is available in a range of complimentary flavours, and none of those available are the kind of rich, dark, cocoa heavy chocolate flavour which contains the highest propensity of tannin. Rather than just plain chocolate on its’ own, the tubes come labelled as ‘Mint Chocolate Trek’, ‘Vanilla Mint Spark’ and ‘Lime Spearmint Zest’, any one of which should present a more pleasing experience.

Although the idea of chocolate toothpaste may sound a trifle extreme, one area in which it might prove highly effective is when it comes to getting young children to clean their teeth regularly. After all, many kids have to be nagged and cajoled into looking after their teeth and the thought of a mouth full of minty chocolate taste might make this much easier. Indeed, it’s easy to imagine the tables turning altogether and children nagging their parents to ask if they can be allowed to clean their teeth. If you can inculcate good dental hygiene habits at an early age then there’s every chance they’ll continue into adult life, resulting in strong, healthy and attractive teeth long after they’ve left the chocolate paste habit behind.

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