Inman Aligners: the cutting edge technology to unseeingly realign your teeth

If you’d rather cope with a crooked smile than wear orthodontic braces, Inman aligners can be just the right solution

Likewise everything else in technology, teeth straightening procedures have experienced rapid advance and improvement during the last few years. However, some decades ago, all the treatments we know today were not available for patients. This –along with wrong bite patterns or the eruption of wisdom teeth– is one of the reasons why so many adults have nowadays crooked or misaligned teeth.

Teeth straightening procedures are designed to help you solve misalignment and malocclusion problems, generally with the use of devices such as brackets and braces. Even though these are the traditional methods to straighten teeth, they also are unsightly and teenage looking, so most adult patients feel embarrassed while using them or believe they can negatively affect their social or professional life.

Therefore, cosmetic dentistry has helped developing new orthodontic devices to correct misalignment of teeth in adult and teenager patients, in a more discreet and convenient way. This is the case of both Inman aligners and Invisalign.

Inman aligners are a relatively simple and fast way to properly realign your teeth. The procedure consists on the aligner device sitting behind the teeth and applying the right amount of pressure to correct its unevenness. Patients are able to see results between six and sixteen weeks without having to get involved in any kind of teeth straightening surgery, and being able to remove the devices in case they need it to attend social or business meetings without hassle. Clear braces are also discreet and removable; that is the reason why Inman aligners and Invisalign are London patients’ preferred solution to treat crooked teeth.

In order to get any of these two treatments, you have to consult first with an orthodontist, a specialist on teeth straightening techniques and procedures. During the consultation, the orthodontist looks at your facial profile and advises you on the best solution to realign your teeth without negatively affect your facial contours. Once you agree on the treatment, the Inman aligner is placed behind your front teeth and adjusted to provide the right amount of pressure required to move your teeth into line. Even though the device is removable for better eating and cleaning of your teeth, it is recommended to wear it as much as possible in order to reduce the treatment time and to increase its effectiveness.

The main advantages of both Inman aligners and clear braces are their discretion and convenience, but they also ensure highest oral hygiene standards and normal speech, making eating and drinking much easier and without hassle.

Because properly aligned teeth are not only more beautiful but also healthier, Inman aligners help discreetly treat your misalignment problems